SIA "Iecavnieks&Co"

is a diverse company and one of the largest producers of rapeseed oil in the Baltic States. The company was founded in 2000, and it is located in Iecava County "Iecavnieki". Three main business areas of the company are the following:
• agriculture,
• pre-processing and storage of grain,
• processing oilseeds.

SIA "Iecavnieks&Co" processes rapeseeds, flax seeds and hemp-seeds, extracting unrefined oils for food and industrial purposes. The products are sold on the joint market in Europe and Latvia.

The company owns its brand – IECAVNIEKS.


Iecavnieks & Co on the TV show "Dzīvīte"

TV show ''Dzīvīte'' visited our company in early March. We informed show viewers about '' Iecavnieks & Co'' current activities and future plans. Viewers had a unique opportunity to see production process and expand their knowledge about nutritious qualities of oils and other healthy products that company manufactures.


Oil smoke point

Each kind of oil starts to puff smoke at a certain temperature. That is an essential parameter in order to determine if the oil can be used for frying, deep-frying or to better not anneal the oil and use it fresh. Through many years of experience Iecavnieks&Co has developed the technology, that allows to obtain a high quality unrefined rapeseed oil, that is suitable for frying...


Hemp spread – a source of energy

With the spring approaching, it is necessary to restore and strengthen our organism. That can be done by purifying our body and implementing natural and healthy products in our diet. Natural products with a high nutritional value are hemp seeds. Our ancestors used hemp seeds as  one of the main protein sources during fasting instead of meat and milk.