Iecavnieks & Co's core industries are:

We are one of the largest cold-pressed oil producers in the Baltics. The company processes rapeseeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds from which unrefined oils are extracted for food and also farming and technical purposes.

Priority of the company is production of high-quality products. This is achieved by using the best raw materials, advanced oil extraction technology and decades long expertise of our specialists. Company’s up-to-date production line enables to produce natural products without addition of any artificial food additives.

Over the years, maintaining a leading position in Latvian vegetable oil market, we have expanded and secured our position in foreign markets as a knowledgeable and responsible producer. A well-organized environment in the company, know-how, experienced specialists and good reputation provides the opportunity to build sustainable relationships with employees, customers and partners.

In co-operation with entrepreneurs and Latvian farmers we determine best cultivation, storage and extraction processes for raw materials used in the production.

Iecavnieks & Co core industries:

Oil production

The company processes oilseeds - rapeseed, flax seed and hemp seed. Process involves the extraction of cold-pressed, unrefined oils. Using cold-pressing technology, seeds are mechanically compressed, and then the oil is filtered. Unlike refined, such oils save all biologically active substances, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, natural colour, scent and taste, as oil is not extracted at high temperatures. Oil production process has a by-product called cake, which is popular farm animal food supplement.



Iecavnieks & Co manages about 500 hectares of agricultural land, cultivating crops such as rapeseed (Brassica napus 00 and 000), wheat (Triticum aestivum) and oil flax (Linum usitatissimum). The company was a pioneer in Latvia to start growing and marketing winter and summer rapeseeds. All owned and leased land is treated with company-owned agricultural machinery under the supervision of our experienced specialists.


Pre-treatment and storage of grain and rapeseeds

Iecavnieks & Co offers grain and rapeseed pre-treatment and storage services in the company's warehouses. The company's laboratory tests the quality and technological characteristics of grain, oilseeds and their end-products. Grain testing is done during each stage: grain reception, storage, unloading, as well during drying and purifying the grains.