Ingredients for the pancakes:

For garnishing:

Potato pancakes with Iecavnieks Hemp seed butter are equally the best appetizer for your party and a filling meal. It is extremely simple and quick to prepare this recipe - try it out for yourself today!


Peel potatoes and grate with a coarse grater. Squeeze out the excess juice from the potatoes. Add an egg, chopped onion or garlic (based on preference), soured cream, flour, spices and greens to the grated potatoes. Stir the ingredients well.

Place small pancakes in preheated oil on a frying pan. Fry until light-brown on both sides. Place on a plate.

Garnish the pancakes to your liking. Here are five options:

1. Spread hemp seed butter on a lightly cooled down pancake, then garnish with a tomato slice and a piece of avocado.

2. Grate a boiled egg and a carrot, add a handful of Iecavnieks flax seeds, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and mix. Form small balls from the salad paste, place on the pancake and cover with a spicy salted sprat.

3. Mix hemp seed butter with plain fresh cream cheese, forming a smooth paste. Smear the paste on the pancake and finish with shrimp and dill.

4. Place a cheese ball bite or a mini-mozzarella ball on the pancake and sprinkle with Iecavnieks flax seeds.

5. Spread hemp seed butter, a slice of salmon and a small dill twig on a lightly cooled pancake.


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