Turkish peas are drained.

First, pour lemon juice and tahini sauce in a blender.

Tahini sauce can be prepared yourself - roasted sesame seeds on a pan, mixed with Ideal rapeseed oil in a blender, the ratio is such that a paste is formed.

Mixing tahini and lemon juice will create a creamy base for hummus.

Then pour Ideal rapeseed oil into the blender, squeezed garlic cloves, add salt and pepper to taste and blend everything again for 30 seconds.

When this is done, the food processor saber half of the required Turkish peas and blend for about a minute. Then add the remaining Turkish peas and grind the humus for another 1-2 minutes.

Put the finished humus in a bowl, sprinkle with paprika powder, hemp seeds and pour over it as much as you want.


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