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Hemp is an ancient cultivated plant, originating from South Asia. These were brought to Latvia by caravan roads already in the 8th century. In the old times they were used in multiple ways (contrary to nowadays) – as fibre for textiles, for food and medicine. Our ancestors used hemp seeds as one of the key protein sources during fasting, when meat and milk was avoided. For some time their cultivation and usage was neglected, but nowadays, considering the improvement and preservation of ecologic environment, they are cultivated worldwide. Demand for natural fibres is increasing. Also in Latvia the cultivation of hemp is growing. 

Hemp seeds contain many plant proteins, amino acids, fibres, carbohydrates, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphor and other compounds and oil containing the unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are of high value for the human body. 

Hemp seeds may be consumed whole, with sprouts and grounded, but milk can be made from these as well. In order the human body can get maximum benefit from the seeds, they are recommended to be eaten grounded.

Hemp seeds are good for your body – they strengthen immunity and clean arteries from cholesterol plates, they reduce stress and prevent insomnia; used in case of metabolic disorder. It produces more milk for the new mothers, while contributes to the growth of children, because they boost appetite, give energy and strength. 

Hemp butter is deemed the healthiest product of hemp, because it contains fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fibres. Hemp butter is made of roasted and ground seeds or seeds mashed in masher.  
This butter is spread on bread and added to other dishes – potatoes, peas, cottage cheese, porridges and ordinary butter.

Hemp butter by „Iecavnieks&Co” is sold under the name ''Kaņepju pavalgs'' (hemp-seed butter) containing ground hemp seeds and vegetable oil. The content is due to its value, because it does not contain cholesterol and it can be stored longer in the refrigerator. 

Bear in mind – the hemp-seed butter by „Iecavnieks&Co” does not contain THC or the narcotic, which is in the green parts of the hemps.