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Hemp seed oil 0,2L

Nutrition facts:

Per 100g (109 ml):

The valuable features and the characteristic taste of hemp is long known. The most essential part of the hemp is its fruit – a brown, shiny, small nut, usually called a “seed”. Hemp-seeds are a true boost food. The seeds contain 30-38 % of oil, which is a drying oil, but more stable than the flax-seed oil. Nowadays hemp-seed oil is deemed more valuable than fish oil, because it can be produced ecologically purer and it contains amino acids of a more feasible use and balance, as well as Omega 9, which is not present in fish oil. Globulin contained in hemp is most similar to the human globulin present in blood plasma. It is essential for the preserving of immunity and it produces antibodies in our body, and therefore hemp is sometimes called the plant queen. 

Hemp seeds contain up to 35% of excellent oil with a large amount (nearly 80%) of various unsaturated fatty acids, which is more than any other vegetable oil. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are not built by our body, and they have to be taken by food. The proportion of these fatty acids in hemp-seed oil is ideal – 1:3. Nutrition experts recommend – in order for the fatty acids to work efficiently in our body, 7 – 11 g of Omega 6 and 2 – 3,5 g of Omega 3 are needed per day. One tablespoon of hemp-seed oil contains this amount. These fatty acids are important for our health – these improve circulation of blood in our heart and whole body, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, give energy, nourish the skin, nails and hairs, prevent inflammations and improve the functioning of joints.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are crucial for the development of brain and nerve cells, and therefore are important for children.
Hemp seeds also contain a large amount of protein – around 25-30%, which is more than in beef or fish – around 6 grams per tablespoon. The next closest follower is soya, but the quality of protein is higher in hemp. Among other proteins there is also globulin, which is the third most common protein in human body and accounts for the protection against harmful germs. Globulin, also called – immune globulin, is a crucial element for a proper immune system. 

The oil is used non-processed, it cannot be heated! The hemp-seed oil is an excellent addition to potatoes, in salads and sauces. It is not intended for grilling, because its scent and nutritive value is lost fast in heat.
After opening it is recommended to store the oil in a refrigerator.

Fatty acids present in hemp-seed oil are relevant for:
• Building energy,
• Correct functioning of nervous system,
• Brain activity and functioning,
• Health and elasticity of skin,
• Proper metabolism,
• Decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure,
• Preventing cardiac diseases,
• Producing hormones,
• Preserving immunity,
• Reducing climax symptoms,
• If used 1 teaspoon per day for three months, etc.

• For prophylaxis: 1–2 teaspoons daily before eating.
• As a tasty and full addition on other foods – potatoes (replacing butter), rootstock, peas, beans, salads, soups, etc.
• As an addition to yoghurts, cottage cheese and other cultured products, as well as confectionery products
In beauty procedures – the oil is massaged into the skin, and it becomes smooth, elastic and shiny; the oil is moisturizing and anti-inflammatory; it is well absorbed by the skin and does not build an oily layer; by rubbing the oil into hair and head skin prior to shampooing and by leaving it for half an hour, the hair becomes healthy, shiny and manageable.