1.RAPU – Extruded fodder

Complete supplementary food for various animal species - a high-quality source of protein, fat and starch.

Ingredients: rapeseed cakes, fodder beans.

Fodder is provided with protein and fat by rapeseed cakes, while beans are a source of protein and starch. Mixing these two ingredients together result is a rational use of amino acids, because rapeseed has a high proportion of methionine and beens have a high content of lysine, which is well used if is used in a single dose. Starch in beans is used more slowly than starch in grains, which lets to reduce the amount of grain, thus creating a healthier environment in the rumen, reduces the risk of acidosis.

Due to the transformations that take place during the extrusion process, the value of the product increases, which has a major impact on the edibility, digestibility and productivity of the animals.


Indicators in a naturally moist product:



Flaxseed cake is obtained from flaxseed by mechanical extrusion. Linseed cake is a valuable source of vitamins, fatty acids, micro and macro elements in providing complete food for animals. Cakes contain fiber, mucus, which regulates the activity of the intestinal tract. Incorporating flaxseed cake into the feed improves the animal's immune system and increases productivity. 

Linseed cake is an indispensable food ingredient for the group of animals that need to gain muscle mass, as linseed is able to provide the most important amino acids, such as lysine and methionine, which are lacking in grains.

Averages in a naturally moist product:

Crude protein - 30-38%
Headache - 8-15%
Humidity not more than 10%
Crude fiber - 8-23%.